Thursday, December 8, 2011

This Year's Theme

Imagine walking into any store today where consumer goods are sold. As you walk up and down the isles, amidst brightly colored boxes, bottles and bags, you can't help but notice that the days when packages were used to simply protect products are long gone. 

That's why we're calling the theme for this year's Jamboree "The Consumer Connection: How Packaging Communicates." The theme is centered around the idea of the 21st century package, whose responsibilities are not limited to only ensuring the contained product is protected. Instead, the package must capture the attention of the consumer, engage their senses, and persuade them to choose its product. With the rise of smart phones and other mobile technologies, consumers now shop in an augmented reality, where information such as company policies, nutritional information, and other customer reviews are only a finger-swipe away. Packaging needs to be smart, exciting, and unique in order to stand out on the shelf. 

From food to pharmaceuticals, shampoo to children's toys, packaging has evolved to serve its customers. The 2012 Packaging Jamboree will explore this evolution, and glimpse into where it's leading us. 

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