Check out the companies presenting at this year's Jamboree:

A look into the design process behind the unique Heinz Dip N' Squeeze packaging.

Lansmont: The Shipping and Handling Storyteller
A primary function for any packaging design is the protection and cushioning of your products during shipping and handling.  Unfortunately packaged products are unable to tell you what abuse they go through in the transport environment.  Field data recorders can give packages a “voice”, providing detailed historical records of what happens during transport, and when!

HAVI Global Solutions: Reinventing Food Service Packaging: One Clamshell at a Time

Unilever: Through the Eyes of the Consumer
I notice it. I like it. I get it. I re-purchase it. This presentation will be an examination of those four crucial states in shopper and consumer decision making process (or not purchasing) products.

Equity Packaging: Packaging: The Industry of the Future. 
A presentation focused on the current developments and anticipated developments that are taking place in the packaging industry, including trends in jobs, renewable energy & sustainability, and innovation.

The Keynote presentation will feature case studies by L'Oreal of product launches that were adapted with the consumer in mind.